Fizzics Celebrating Gassy Beers with a Comparison of Carbonation and Nitro


New Hope, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2019 -- Most people know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most popular gas used in beers today, but another gas is gaining momentum in the craft brewery productions: nitrogen (N2). But, why such excitement over gas? Fizzics is the proud developer of an ingenious portable draft beer dispenser that uses revolutionary technology to transform any beer into a nitro-style delight. They have taken a deep dive into the differences between CO2 and N2 for those curious individuals.

Carbonation in beer is caused by both yeast during fermentation and intravenously afterward for the bubbly effect beer enthusiasts know and love so much. However, CO2 can cause beer bloat and can add to the acidity and bitterness of some beers. On the other hand, nitrogen is relatively insoluble, a quality that creates smaller, less harsh bubbles. Nitro beers have been around for a long time, but many other breweries have become intrigued by the smooth, creamy characteristics of nitro beers and are working tirelessly to find ways to bottle the N2-infused brews.

For those who are impatient for bottling technology to advance can easily experience the nitro-style from their own home and with any beer can or bottle with Fizzics' beer can dispenser. Fizzics uses fluid dynamics and sound waves to control the carbonation in the beer. The "sonication" of the beer transforms the gas into a Micro-Foam, for a perfect pour and a nitro-style texture and taste.

For more information about beer carbonation and nitrogenation or to buy a DraftPour dispenser, visit or contact Fizzics today.

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Featuring their patented Micro-Foam technology, Fizzics offers a truly one-of-a-kind beer drinking experience with their DraftPour. The device allows just about any beer, including IPAs, pilsners, brown ales, stouts, and more to be converted into a nitro-style draft beer. Not only does DraftPour improve beer's flavor, but it also enhances its aroma and mouthfeel.

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