Fizzics Provides 10 Ancient History Facts About Beer


New Hope, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2019 -- Beer has been one of the most popular beverages since the beginning of human existence, which is why Fizzics is providing ten captivating facts about the history of beer. Fizzics is all about the delicacy of beer, and there's no better way of revamping the way people drink than investing in a Fizzics' draft beer dispenser.

The consumption of beer dates back to the earliest civilizations, even preceding the written language. Beer brewing and drinking was a vital component in peoples' social lives and means of surviving. Water was not a reliable drinking source during ancient times, but beer was. Since beer was fermented, bacteria and pollution were filtered out.

In ancient times, beer was considered a gift from the gods meant to promote health and happiness. Many epic poems were written revolving around the topic of beer, even describing it as "one of the blessings of civilization."

The Babylonians took beer brewing very seriously during their time. The Code of Hammurabi, Babylonia's code of law during Mesopotamian times, ordered those who tainted or watered-down beer to be executed.

Beer was common amongst all cultures. The Egyptians who built the Great Pyramids were given a daily ration of beer, so they were most likely working while intoxicated. Along with the Egyptians, Catholic monks also drank a significant amount of beer. During lent in Medieval Europe, Catholic monks would give up food and only drink beer, referring to the beverage as "liquid bread."

Even though more significant amounts of beer are brewed in modern times compared to the past, Medieval Europeans drank much more than the average person does today. And it was typically women who were the original beer brewers during these ancient times. Since they were the people taking care of homes, it was fitting that they prepared the beverage as well.

Additionally, there is an existing brewery in Germany that's almost 1,000 years old. The Weihenstephan Abbey's brewery still operates today in Bavaria, where the Abbey's Benedictine monks first began brewing beer in 1040 AD. Today, the brewery continues its craft and even still accepts visitors.

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