Fizzics Suggests Party Ideas for the Big Game in February


New Hope, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2020 -- Football is a sport that has the power to unite and divide the nation, and The Big Game exhibits both symptoms simultaneously. Game Day brings friends and families together for food, beer, and good times while dividing the room with fans of both teams as they are cheering, booing, and yelling at the television and each other for over three hours. Fizzics, the producer of the DraftPour beer dispenser, is excited for The Big Game and generally enjoys Game Day more than most other holidays as it celebrates drinking beer and eating good food. As a company that likes to bring people together over good beers, Fizzics is making a few suggestions on how to show respect for both teams while capitalizing on their fierce competition.

One of the best ways to bring people together is with food, and Game Day is no exception. The Big Game will feature two talented teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, each city with famous dishes which would be exciting and delicious additions to the Game Day menu. San Francisco is renowned for the Golden Gate Bridge, but it is also known for its seafood dishes, specifically the Cioppino. The SF Cioppino is a seafood paradise of Dungeness crab, mussels, clams, shrimp, and sea bass with a tomato base and a little spice. On the other hand, Kansas City, MO, is famous for its Midwest BBQ dishes, like smoked brisket, fried chicken, and wings. Featuring both plates for the party is like bringing a piece of each city and team into the house.

Of course, food is one thing, but the beer is another thing entirely. When featuring vastly different foods as Fizzics suggests, the best beer pairings are those that do not take away the taste of the food but enhance it. For the BBQ, the best beer would be a craft lager or amber ale, which will not take away the BBQ taste but will mellow out the sweetness a little. These beers are easy to find and are usually crowd-pleasers. For the Californian seafood, a light, crisp pilsner or American pale ale will complement the dish well, especially if the APA has some citrus notes.

The Big Game is close-at-hand, and people need to start planning their parties now. So, why not bring some regional flavors and complementary beers into the mix? Additionally, with the Fizzics DraftPour, party guests and hosts alike can enjoy nitro-style beers that taste like they were poured straight from the tap. To learn more about Fizzics' revolutionary beer dispenser and how to order one, click here now.

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