Flagg Brothers Milk Company Launches Its New Acidophilus Milk Review Guide


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- It is no secret, based on the successful “Got Milk?” ads, that milk is one of the most healthful drinks you can have. The advantages of the calcium and other helpful vitamins and minerals are necessary for good health and maintaining bone density and strength during the aging process.

“Standard cow’s milk is great, but there is something better for overall health,” said Gertha Allen, Technology Manager of Flagg Bros. Milk.

The difference of Flagg Brothers Milk is presence of Lactobacilius acidophilius, a healthful bacterium that occurs naturally in milk and is responsible for the tangy flavor in yogurt. Low in fat and perfect for the lactose intolerant, it helps with digestion and maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Acidophilus, acid-loving, milk is made in a slightly different method than standard milk. Sterile milk is mixed with raw milk and the L. acidophilus bacterium eats the lactose sugar, thus creating acidophilus milk,” said Allen.

Acidophilus is popular in the supplement industry, particularly for those who are lactose intolerant because of the way the L. acidophilus consumes the lactose sugar.

“L. acidophilus keeps the digestive system stable and normal. This is one of the reasons physicians have patients with intestinal difficulties or diarrhea eat yogurt. The bacteria helps stabilize the gut and bowels,” said Allen.

Flagg Brothers Milk features a website devoted to the overall advantages and benefits of L. acidophilus at Primarly a blog with many topics ranging from dealing with lactose intolerance to supplements, it is a complete resource for anyone wanting to learn more about Acidophilus milk.

“We encourage anyone with an interest or curiosity to visit,” said Allen.

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Flagg Brothers Milk Company cooperates with main leaders in acidophilus milk industry. Gertha Allen, Technology Manager of Flagg Bros. Milk, made very deep reserch in her professional field. This research took her two years until it has begun to provide real benefits.

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