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Flagpoles Etc Is a One-Stop Shop for Flags and Flagpoles


Holly, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2015 -- Flagpoles Etc is pleased to announce that its selection of flagpoles for sale and related items is available to online users. The items which are offered at the store online and available for shipment across the country are high quality, but the business is more than just a shipment point. The company is a full service business that installs and services the products which they sell across the country.

Customers who are looking for flag poles, a flag pole holder or other accessories such as flag pole lights can shop direct and find savings on the products. The family-owned business has products which have been personally tested and used. The knowledge about the product line doesn't come from reading about it on a website, but rather from personal knowledge and understanding.

Customer service calls are answered by a real person, one who does installations. Customers can trust Flagpoles Etc to get the job done correctly the first time. The business is a full-time operation made up of professionals who know how to help customers find the right options when searching for commercial or residential flagpoles or accessories.

Because the warehouse is fully stocked, and there are two store fronts, customers can be supplied at any time of the day. For those individuals who want to providing nighttime lighting for a flagpole, the company has solutions. Lights powered by solar energy are available, as well as other types of lighting. The size of flags and poles varies so that customers can find the exact solution for installation and maintenance of the flagpole.

Purchasing from Flagpoles Etc offers the benefits of free shipping, lower prices, free quotations and guaranteed products. Customer service is always available.

Contact Information
Company Name: Flagpoles Etc.
Address: 407 Hadley St., Holly, Michigan 48442
Contact Telephone Number: (248) 634-7183; (810) 629-2657
Toll-Free Telephone Number: (888) 735-5591
Fax Number: (775) 665-6526