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Flashlight Friends Review - The Latest Consumer Review by You're Not Stupid

New review covers one of the latest toy releases designed to be of help and comfort to youngsters, bringing peace of mind to parents.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Not all toys have children’s best interests in mind, and some parents can be forgiven for thinking that toy manufacturers are exploiting children’s interests to generate revenue. Some toys however do seem to genuinely have their heart in the right place, and some even have a genuine use for the children they entertain. You’re Not Stupid is a product review site that aims to give no nonsense reviews and guidance on a wide range of consumer products and has just broken into the toy market, with its first review centering on the newly released Flashlight Friends.

Flashlight Friends are cuddly plush toys that feature a flash light located in the chest. The cuddly animals come in a range of colors and iterations, including real animals like puppies and pandas, and fantasy creatures like unicorns and dragons.

The review gives a detailed list of the features that can be expected from the Flashlight Friends, and gives a list of the initial pros and cons as well as a more detailed analysis and recommendation. The review concludes with a star rating out of five and information on where to find the product for the best price.

A spokesperson for You’re Not Stupid explained, “I’m sure it will be hard for children not to see the resemblance between Flashlight Friends and Iron Man, but that’s actually no bad thing as far as sales are concerned. The bottom line from our review, which was written by the sites editor in chief, is that the product genuinely wants to help children with a fear of the dark feel protected, as well as keeping them safe on night-time adventures to the bathroom or to get a drink from the kitchen. Our editor created one of the best Flashlight Friends reviews by consulting customer feedback on the product and found there is a high degree of satisfaction, which reflects her own initial impressions.”

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