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FlashPackatForty.com Brings People Into Several Adventures


Liverpool, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2013 -- FlashPackatForty.com is a travel blog that brings people into a multitude of adventures and getaways while introducing the very concept of “flashpacking.” Precisely, the said webpage is owned by couple Craig and John who posts their adventures and escapades as they marvel several parts of the world including Japan, the Philippines, Cambodia, Turkey, Malaysia and Thailand.

Things that are often included in the posts of Craig and John are notes on their experiences and their inputs regarding the culture and traditions that they have observed in particular locations. Mainly, some of which may include how they have enjoyed a cuisine, a festival or a gathering.

Aside from that, the travel blog also includes several anecdotes and tales on some of the most memorable moments that they had while they were enjoying the flamboyance of a particular nation. Some of which are often funny while others are rather sweet.

The travel blog may also be considered helpful to those who are planning to undergo a world trip since Craig and John also provide various travel tips for travel aficionados, backpackers, and flashpackers around the world.

Particularly, they sometimes provide a travel itinerary that could be used by people who are planning to visit a similar site. Some tips on ways to save on money while flashpacking at particular sites are also provided. For instance, they have told how they were able to enjoy an affordable transfer when they flew from the Philippines to Japan for only US $53.

Those who simply want to visit the travel blog to take a glance of another nation may also do so. The site is also packed with videos and photos that would definitely give people a glimpse of what Craig and John experiences.

From now until the next days, Craig and John would still provide details on their undertakings as they discover other unseen parts of the planet.