Flat Fee Boat Listing Service Saves Boat Owners Thousands

Yachtshots offers flat fee listing services for boat owners who want to sell their own boat. Creativity and Marketing at a single low price is the approach taken by yacht photograph Bret Doman


Oriental, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- YachtShots is pleased to announce that the firm offers the highest quality yacht photo images to help owners who want to market their boat effectively at a non-commission fee arrangement. In any type of marketing, whether a trawler or a sailing yacht, it's all about effective presentation of the best features. Professional quality photography and videography is the answer.

The photos and videos that are created and displayed on a YachtShots personal web page are more than just a quick and careless photo shoot. The images are captured and refined in a way that captures every detail. The potential buyers will be able to see the features that make the particular boat the one they want to own.

Using techniques such as HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imagine) makes the images appear to “pop” off the page. Originally, the technique was used for three-dimensional images and is now widely used to add dimensions and tones in photographs that add depth and improve the range of colors and shades that are displayed in the photo. The technical aspects of obtaining the images in simplest terms consist of merging two or more exposures into a single image.

The process is easy. Owners just clean up the watercraft before the photographers arrive. Creative images are captured, with a wide variety of techniques. The videos are put together with appropriate music and are posted on the web page. All that's left is to answer responses from prospective buyers and to go shopping for the next yacht.

Learn more about the watercraft available at today. Members of the press and others with additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the web pages at the location provided below.

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YachtShots provides boat owners with a more affordable way to sell their boat without the need for a broker.

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