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Flats in Mumbai Get a New Makeover


Mumbai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- Flats in Mumbai have evolved over the past few years but, the ones that today’s real estate map portrays are much more advanced in terms of living amenities and comfort. Investors of today want the best and they have no reason to lower their expectations as brands like Omkar Realtors and Developers Pvt. Ltd have succeeded in meeting these expectations going beyond what is anticipated in terms of quality.

The brand wet its feet in the real estate market back in 2003 but, in ten years it has surged forward with force that has changed the way real estate was perceived. It is because of this relentless desire to creating luxury accommodation in the affordable price bracket that has made flats in Mumbai a viable investment option. Investors are interested to buy apartments as they have higher occupancy rate when compared to other living options. Also, this approach to investment comes with the added benefit of a steady price increment of the property which makes apartments a great investment option.

When it comes to luxury accommodations most flats in Mumbai are insanely expensive denying investors the chance to experience good living spaces. But, with players like Omkar making quality real estate more affordable there is no need to settle for anything less. The apartments from the brand are no less than what one would typically find in a high end project. The amenities like an exclusive dog park in Alta Monte, the infinity pool, the vertical sky garden lounge are only a few examples to explain the extent of modernization and comfort the company has to offer to its investors.

These are not just amenities but, additions that can make any living space come alive and in the greater scheme of things give investors the opportunity to earn more value for their money. This is the classic investment situation, every investor dreams to have. Omkar is here to make apartments, the next ‘go to’ choice in living accommodation.

Among other amenities, one can also find aqua gymnasium, rejuvenation center and so on. And, it is not just the residential projects that this brand of developers has expertise in, it is also the growing commercial real estate that the company has had a chance to dabble in. The commercial properties as well follow the same global standards in construction, convenience and space. For anyone who wants to make hay while the sun shines by investing in lucrative commercial real estate, this is a great opportunity to make the move.

Spot on locations, great connectivity to the city’s hot spots, and a chance to make a house a home, Omkar Realtors and Developers Pvt. Ltd has a long list of flats in Mumbai which are the quintessential example of affordable luxury. To know more, log onto

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