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Flavia Del Monte's Full-Body-Licious Review Discloses a Female Formula for Flawless Figure

According to this Full-Body-Licious Review, the Full-Body-Licious is a new weight loss plan is considered to be amazingly effective in modeling the perfect body.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2014 -- According to this Full-Body-Licious Review, Full-Body-Licious is a health and fitness system designed specifically for women. Flavia Del Monte, a famous fitness trainer and licensed nurse revealed that most women have been using a ‘faulty plan’ of shaping their body. They use what men use which is a big mistake. While they are created equal, men and women are not built the same. Full-Body-Licious method of losing weight will make the entire process simpler for all women worldwide willing to look better in a shorter period of time.

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The Full-Body-Licious program comes in 5-online DVDs which show women the step by step formula that Flavia herself uses. It’s called Force Formula that is designed to help any woman achieve a flawless figure. This fitness course will assist dieters achieve a level of health, strength and self-confidence that they can’t get using diet scams and products.

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Inside Flavia Del Monte’s full body system, customers will discover
- Video 1: This video provides a proper way of achieving toned and trimmed thighs without more cardio. It comes with easy-to-follow exercises for longer and shapelier legs.
- Video 2: This phase will show exercises that help any woman get rid of belly fat and achieve flat abs.
- Video 3: This stage will help women develop a nice-looking butt. Exercises in this video prove to target all the main butt muscles as well as get rid of cellulite.
- Video 4: This DVD focuses on shaping up women shoulders.
- Video 5: At this stage, women will be trained to work on a better posture through back exercises.

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According to this Full-Body-Licious Review, this system is designed for those women who are wasted years using ineffective plans and products, this fitness program for women is a safe and proven guide based on experience and scientific researches.

According to this Full-Body-Licious Review, the full package available for users to download includes a quick start audio guide, a fitness journal, as well as several meal plans. The program features a money back guarantee. However, this Full-Body-Licious Review shows that the refund rate is extremely low, meaning that almost all individuals who use this system are very pleased with the results they obtained.