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Flavored Milk Market - the Biggest Trends to Watch out for 2019-2027: TMR

Flavored Milk Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2019 -- Global Flavored Milk Market: An Overview

Flavored milk market is expected to register healthy growth in the near future, despite growing awareness about the unhealthy amounts of sugar. Flavored milk includes artificial or natural flavoring mixed with milk, food colorings, and sugar. The flavored milk market products often have a higher shelf life than plain milk products, due to reliance on high-temperature pasteurization. Consequently, the flavored milk market also caters to high demand for refrigerated milk products. Major players in the flavored milk market also sell syrups and flavored milk powders which are largely in demand for their great taste.

Tastes and flavors are aiding the expansion of the flavored milk market globally. Consumers around the world have developed peculiar tastes, which are important for market players to cater to. For example, According to Coca-Cola Amatil, a large bottler in Asia Pacific, South Australia is unique in its consumption of flavored milk, which surpasses the consumption of cola in the region.

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The flavored milk market is also witnessing a major challenge, due to growing health concern in mature markets such as the United States. A major study published in 2018, surveyed over 90 popular flavored milk brands in the United States. The study found that a flavored milk carton contained sugar levels similar to a can of soft drink. Many bestselling brands dish-out a day's sugar in a single-serving.

In order to move forward, players in the flavored milk market are likely introduce healthy varieties of flavored milk products. Such products containing minerals and vitamins may lead the way for future growth in the flavored milk market.

Global Flavored Milk Market: Notable Developments

A recent study published in the journal of dairy science shows that it is possible to reduce sugar levels in various products without sacrificing flavors. The study tested products including yogurt, ice cream, and flavored milk. The study recommended the use of nonnutritive sweeteners, both artificial and natural resulted in lower sugar intake.

The American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics have presented a list of policy recommendations which can impact the growth of the flavored milk market. These policies include higher taxes, subsidies for healthy foods, and new laws limiting advertising to small children. These policies were presented to state, federal, and local lawmakers. These policies are aimed at reducing sugar levels in milks, sodas, and other beverages.

Global Flavored Milk Market: Key Trends

Global flavored milk market is expected to grow in a robust manner during 2018-2026, thanks to their mass popularity among children, few alternatives to popular flavors such as chocolate flavored milk, and busy lifestyle driving up the unscheduled consumption of milk. Healthy flavored milk also contains various nutrients such as flavored milk contains many nutrients like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. While substitutes like soft drinks and plant protein drinks pose a challenge to the market growth, increasing disposable incomes and changing consumer preferences are expected to boost demand. Additionally, innovation is making new-inroads with consumers with the introduction of new flavors.

Global Flavored Milk Market: Regional Outlook

The global flavored milk market report revolves around key regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. The flavored milk market is expected to register the highest total revenue growth in North America. The region is witnessing high levels of milk consumption and flavored products have gained a prominent position in the region, thanks to their prevalence in public schools. Additionally, the global flavored milk market in Asia Pacific is expected to register the fastest growth in terms of CAGR. The Asia Pacific region is witnessing a growing demand for new milk products, thanks to rising disposable incomes in the region. The region presents a major opportunity for global players as due to lack of long-established innovations in the region, there is a major scope for introducing new milk flavors.

The global flavored milk market: Competitive Dynamics

The global flavored milk market is a competitive and fragmented landscape, thanks to large numbers of large players located in different regions. Some key players in the flavored milk market are Danone, China Mengniu Dairy, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, Amul, and Nestlé.