ApplenMicro Releases Excel-Based Project Management Tool to Replace Microsoft Project


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Project Management can be a headache. It involves keeping track of deadlines, status updates, risks, urgent issues, resources, timelines, competing priorities, budgets, among other things.

Microsoft Project is the software used by most project managers. Unfortunately, MS Project is difficult software to work with, due to its slow speed, lack of compatibility with other Office products, and poor user interface. This week, an Excel-based Project Management Tool has been released on (the marketplace for premium business documents). This new Excel project management model presents numerous benefits over Project.

The creator of the tool is a seasoned consultant from a Big 4 consulting firm. He states that “about a year ago, I got so frustrated with Microsoft Project, I decided to start working with Excel. It more than sufficiently satisfies the basic requirements of any project management tool. Excel is also far more customizable and compatible than Microsoft Project, allowing me to build reports and share my work more easily with others.”

(You can view and download the tool here:

This tool has the following features:

- Overview of a project management framework used by top tier consulting firms
- The ability to document and connect requirements, projects, and tasks
- Fully functional and automatic Gantt Chart
- Built in program level completion and heat map reporting functionality

It can be said the biggest benefit of this Excel project management tool over Microsoft Project is the ability to fully customize the Excel model to fit any project’s specific needs.

More information about Flevy can be found here:

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