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Flex Comics Announce Strong Beginnings for Start Up


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- By Jeremy Agapitos & Chris Marzuola
September 24th, 2013

The place to be when bodybuilding and ink clash. Flex Comics rocked the calm waters of the fitness and webcomic communities on August 1, 2013.By featuring never before seen original content in both niche markets, Flex Comics has captured the attention of over 7,000 followers in just one month! With a total reach extending past 1.3 million,Flex Comics is the forefront toengaging the fitness community in a phlegmatic digital world.

About Flex Comics
We would love to tell you Flex Comics is our full time career and someday we want it to be, but like most superheroes in training we live a double life. Jeremy is a full time meathead and Real Estate agent in Phoenix Arizona. Chris spends his workdays immersed in graphic design for a local company. When the two get togetherFlex Comics come to life! This is a mix of Jeremy’s unrelenting dedication to everything bodybuilding and Chris’s unique illustrative style. Both of them grew up nose deep in comics and nothing changed in adulthood. Together they make the world’s most wackiest fitness webcomic.

The two have been close friends for years. Jeremy handles the storyboards while Chris works his magic on the illustrations. The two collaborate weekly for each new strip and nothing is out of bounds for a good healthy laugh.

Why do it? Simply put, it infuses us with excitement and weekly joy. There is something new to look forward to every week. The positive feedback and comments are addicting, we won’t deny that part, but knowing we are making our unique mark in the world is extremely gratifying.

We have ambitions to go on tour next year with the continued support of our growing fan base.

To learn more about Flex Comics, please contact

Jeremy Agapitos, Co-Creator
Mobile: (602) 501-5057
Fax: (855) 720-3016