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Flex Seal Launches New Commercial Promising 'The Ultimate Test' Amid New Marketing Drive


Washington, DC. -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Cracks and leaks, whether in the home, garden or automobile can be very serious if left untreated. The cost of getting an expert technician to fix these leaks can often be prohibitive for many people, especially in such austere times. Flex Seal is a product that has offered a much cheaper, much faster and still permanent solution to this problem, and has been making waves in more ways than one. Pitch man Phil Swift has recently launched the latest commercial for the product that promises to be the ultimate test.

In previous commercials, Phil has replaced the bottom of a boat with a glass door sealed with Flex Seal to show the product’s integrity as it successfully floated on a lake. In the new commercial, Phil coats the seams of a pickup truck and drives into a lake, riding in the back with an outboard motor while he and the cabin remained bone dry.

The advertising strategy is one of the marketing campaigns that Flex Seal have used successfully, the adverts which have been syndicated to YouTube have seen over 100,000 views. Flex Seal is developing its social media exposure and engagement with a Flex Seal Facebook page and a Twitter account.

A spokesperson for Flex Seal explained, “Phil has been doing a great job showcasing the product he created, and it’s in everyone’s best interests to bring the product into the social media sphere. Where ten years ago “as seen on TV” was the hallmark of an up and coming product, now it’s increasingly the success of online or ‘viral’ campaigning that makes the headlines. We believe in our product, and having Facebook and Twitter accounts where we can interact directly with our community of users is sure to help us spread the word.”

About Flex Seal
Phil Swift has a lot of experience in direct response marketing on television, and has also been making waves in the online space. His Flex Seal™ product, in Original and Brite, both spray out a liquid rubber that seeps into cracks and holes, and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating! Flex Seal™ and Flex Seal Brite™ seal out water and last for years. Once dry, Flex Seal™ and Flex Seal Brite™ can be painted any color. For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/getflexseal or follow on twitter @getflexseal.