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Flex Your Brain Reviews Tai Lopez's 67 Steps

New website dedicated to improving yourself reviews The 67 Steps by Tai Lopez


Kennewick, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2016 -- A new website, Flexyourbrain.com, has just reviewed Tai Lopez's 67 Steps. The Review is now available to the public for review and commenting. The review consists of many parts including a full summary for each of the 67 steps, a pros and cons list, images, and a rating and recommendation based on 5 stars. The rating categories that were judged are the following: Content, Presentation, Supporting Material, and customer support.

The program is broken down into 67 steps with a video for each step. Each video lasts about 30 min to 1 hour. The summaries that Flex Your Brain has summarized are written in detail about each step. There are plenty of citations to back up the statements made by the review.

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, author, and investor, who has created a program that contains 67 steps or lessons that will teach you how to live life to the fullest. These are mindsets that will challenge you to look at yourself objectively and empower yourself to change.

Flex Your Brain has concluded that the Tai Lopez's program is not a scam and it rates the program 4.5 stars. However, the program is not for everyone. Flex Your Brain only recommends it to people who love reading and love improving, and learning about new things all the time. Their website consists of reviews like this Tai Lopez review, articles about body language, study tips, how to read faster, social skills, and productivity hacks.

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