Joe Bragg Proclaims That 72% of Fortune 500 Companies Use FlexCon Storage Containers


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- The storage needs of businesses are constantly changing. Whether storing large vehicle equipment or warehouse retail inventory, businesses have a wide range of storage needs. And today, more and more businesses are using plastic attached lid storage containers to solve their storage problems.

At, visitors will learn about one container company that offers a number of different attached lid plastic storage containers. is a storage container retailer that sells its products in America and across the world. At the company’s website, visitors can browse through different container sizes before ordering attached lid containers that meet the needs of a business.

As a spokesperson for explains, the site is designed to make shopping as simple and quick as possible:

“We don’t want customers to spend hours on our site trying to find the storage containers they need. Instead, we’ve streamlined our site to turn visitors into customers as quickly as possible. After arriving at our site, visitors can choose which type of storage solutions they need before requesting an instant quote. Minimum order amounts range in size but are flexible enough to fit the budgets of small and large companies.”

One of the biggest testaments to the success of is its popularity among Fortune 500 companies. Specifically, the website proudly proclaims that “72% of the Fortune 500 companies can’t be wrong” and that the company has sold over “33 million containers” over the years.

At the homepage of the website, visitors can select one of a wide variety of storage solutions, including everything from stackable plastic containers to plastic pallets and dollies. The goal of the site is to provide warehouses, shipping companies, and other types of companies with the storage solutions they need.

Along with offering top material quality and customizable solutions, aims to win over customers with other qualities:

“We’re proud to say that our products are made in the United States and that we’re a green company that focuses on using alternative sources of fuel at every step of the production chain. At our website, visitors will also find a selection of used and overstock inventory that they can purchase in order to save a significant amount of money on their next order.”

About is a storage container retailer that offers a wide variety of storage container and storage container sizes. sells everything from plastic pallets to attached lid containers and recently announced that 72% of Fortune 500 companies use products. For more information, please visit: