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Flexirent Wikipedia Page Describes Pros and Cons of Flexirent Leasing Agreements


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2013 -- Every day, Australians across the country lease vehicles and homes. Thanks to a service called Flexirent, Australians have found it easier than ever to lease consumer electronics and business equipment. Flexirent is a branded term that refers to a lending agreement offered by an Australian company called FlexiGroup.

At the Wikipedia page for Flexirent, visitors will discover the pros and cons of the Flexirent leasing agreement. The Wikipedia page describes the advantages and disadvantages of Flexirent plans while listing many of the retailers that currently offer Flexirent financing services.

Flexirent works in a way that is similar to leasing agreements and rent-to-own agreements. When ‘Flexirenting’ an item, the consumer pays a monthly rate in exchange for full use of that item. That item is leased for a 12 month, 24 month, or 36 month period. Specific rental terms vary from retailer to retailer, and a number of major Australian retailers – including Harvey Norman – are now affiliated with FlexiGroup and provide customized Flexirent agreements of their own.

Once the Flexirent contract is complete, the customer is expected to return the equipment in good working order. At that point, the customer can choose to either exit the contract or begin a new one. Some customers may also wish to purchase the item, at which point the customer can enter negotiations with the individual retailer.

Benefits of Flexirenting include the lack of requirement for a deposit, tax deductibility for business use, insurance benefits, and the use of expensive equipment without actually buying that equipment. Flexirenting is available for a number of electronics products and appliances as well as high-priced office equipment, like photocopiers, fax machines, and more.

Like the name suggest Flexirent is flexible and allows business to reduce their capital outlays by renting rather than buying expensive equipment. This aids cashflow and gives businesses options to use the savings to invest in marketing activities.

About is the Wikipedia page for Flexirent, a unique lending agreement created by Flexigroup where the customer agrees to pay a fixed amount in exchange for full use of a piece of equipment or consumer electronics over a period of 12, 24, or 36 months. Flexirenting is currently practiced by major Australian retailers like Harvey Norman. For more information, please visit: