FlexPetz Introduce First Fully Functional GPS Based Dog Fence System


Palm Bay, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- Pet owners are always pulled between two desires for their pets: the wish to let them be free and explore, and the need to keep them safe in a dangerous world. For a long time this has been a difficult balance for owners, and as a result, over a million dogs are hit by cars every year.

FlexPetz have been at the forefront of supplying technological developments to address this situation for years, with wireless dog fences that allow dogs a degree of freedom while keeping them within safe limits, without the need to for tall and off-putting looking fencing. Now, they are releasing the first GPS based dog fence system, which offers a huge range of new advantages.

Where previously, wireless dog fences required boundaries to be dug and set underground for the static collars to work, the new GPS wireless dog fencing system uses satellite data and programmable collars to create a virtual boundary that will keep dogs safe. The boundary can be set up to 800 yards in radius from a handheld device, which is also able to track a dog over two miles away, with remote training options and over 50 different correction settings.

The static collars administer a mild static shock to the dog which is not harmful, but helps the dog learn where the safe boundaries are. Although currently available for dogs 30lbs and above, plans are already in place to release a system for smaller dogs. The GPS system is currently available at a special introductory price from the FlexPetz website.

A spokesperson for FlexPetz explained, “This new system is incredible. Finally the technology exists for pet owners to be able to set safe boundaries for their dogs without the need for hefty installations. The system is also incredibly flexible and portable- if owners wish to take their dog to a park beside a main road, they can set the boundaries to ensure the dog will be kept within the limits of the park. It’s a revolution.”

About FlexPetz
Flex Petz are suppliers and installers of DIY dog fences and electric fences in the US, Their priority is to offer alternatives to more expensive, well-known brands by finding and promoting cheaper, quality alternatives offering the same functionality for a fraction of the cost, with further savings possible through DIY installation. For more information, please visit: http://www.flexpetz.com/