FlexPetz Retaliates Against PETA 'Harassment' with Donations to Animal Shelters


Palm Bay, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- FlexPetz are a manufacturer and distributor of electric fences and collars designed to keep animals within a protected environment and discourage them from running into an unknown environment. PETA are an animal cruelty charity that courts controversy to promote its message. The two came to blows recently as PETA launched a campaign against shock collars for dogs and their manufacturers, this resulted in harassment claims from FlexPetz owner Bill Hennessey.

PETA’s recent statement on the issue described the shock collars causing burns, confusion, digestive and heart problems for dogs, and this caused Mr. Hennessey to receive threatening phone calls throughout the night from individuals claiming to represent PETA. He now plans to file a lawsuit, but in the meantime, has taken a proactive stance against what he claims is blatant misrepresentation.

FlexPetz collars and electric fences are recommended by nine out of ten vets questioned on the systems, because they allow dogs a controlled freedom to exercise and play in an outside environment without endangering them or requiring them to be constantly supervised. Where PETA claims the collars may cause severe shocks in smaller dogs, these collars are calibrated for the size and sensitivity of each type of dog, and have been proven in tests at the University of Pennsylvania not to cause burns or lasting harm of any kind.

The website has already dedicated pages to debunking the myths around the use of their products for those visiting the site amid the controversy, and Mr Hennessey spoke out loudly and clearly against what he claimed was misinformation, and pledged 10% of FlexPetz profits would go to local no-kill animal shelters, “It is hypocritical in the extreme for PETA to attack me personally and the products my company creates. PETA have seen controversy because they euthanize up to 85% of animals that end up in their shelters. They are killing animals while attacking me for creating systems that protect them. The shocks are from mild, 3 volt static collars and wireless electric fences that teach dogs to stick to safe areas where they can play freely, which in turn allows many of their owners to keep dogs when they otherwise might have to send them to a shelter, which if run by PETA, is likely to kill them. I am a real animal lover, that’s why I run this business, and that’s why I’m dedicating 10% of our profits to no-kill shelters to make a statement against these hypocrites and their practices.”

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