Flexsil-Lid Announces Revamped Logo and Website


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2014 -- Flexsil-lid (, the Australian company behind the innovative re-usable food cover created to keep contents fresh for longer, released their new logo and website as part of their new revamped and fresh look.

Flexsil-lid is the brainchild of Albert David, who bore his innovation out of frustration from observing his wife at her restaurant encountering difficulties at keeping food fresh over a period of time, resulting in wastage and extensive use of plastic film wrap and aluminium foil, increasing cost and ending up in landfills, causing pollution to rise. He wanted to create a commercially practical and efficient product aimed at restaurants, cafés, and hospitality kitchens that would help them reduce their carbon footprint & cost. The Flexsil-lid answered all those requirements and more.

Made of food grade silicon, it is NSF accredited, BPA-free, and has been SGS tested to FDA standards. Not only is the product environmentally-friendly, but is also great for food safety, preventing cross contamination in commercial kitchens as declared by the Safe Food Healthy Business App. It reduces the use of plastic and foil wraps on gastronorms and steam pans in commercial kitchens and will save you plenty of money over time. It is durable and re-usable keeping foodstuffs fresher for longer in pans when stored in fridges or cool rooms, without degrading or losing its original shape . Contents are safely secured, kept frozen or can be cooked with the Flexsil-lid on. It comes in a variety of sizes and colours, and can easily be cleaned from residue or marker labelling when washed in the sink or in the dishwasher. It is a ‘must have’ if you use gastronorms or steam pans in your food business.

Thanks to its many benefits and ravishing reviews, it sparked a roster of international clients and distribution contracts for its inventor spanning from Asia to the Americas. Flexsil-lid also won notable awards at the 2011 Gulfood Awards, and was a finalist in various other competitions across the world.

To mark their success, their creative team designed a clean-lined, sans serif font logo in green and grey, with a leaf over the ‘I’ to represent the company’s strong ties to the environment. Their tagline “Seal Fresh Serve Fresh” is a clear representation of their product quality commitment, describing the product’s functionality in a simple and easy to remember terms. The website was also shifted to reflect the new design, and updated with a ton of information relevant to customers and distributors alike, teaching them about the product features and its environmental benefits. A great demonstration video accessible through the website was produced showcasing the product specifications and advantages to visitors. A QR code linking directly to the video was created for quick access.

Uwe Micheel, a chef at Radisson Blu and President of the Emirates Food Guild said “I cannot believe that no-one has designed this before.”

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About Flexsil-lid
Flexsil-lid is an Australian invention designed to reduce the use and waste of Plastic Film Wrap and Foil on Gastronorms & Steam Pans in commercial kitchens.

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Address - PO Box 1017, Penrith NSW 2751, Australia, Ph - +61 412869566