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Flightgame.net Brings Packs in the Visitors With Its Free Flight Games


Somerset, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- Flying an airplane can be an exhilarating experience. For over a century, mankind has taken to the skies for warfare, transportation, and a myriad of other purposes. Airplanes have proven to be both a dangerous and useful technological invention.

Today, one website seeks to bring the thrill of flight to an online audience. At http://www.FlightGame.net, visitors will find a wide range of free online flight games. Some games involve flying an aircraft into war, while others simply involve piloting harmless paper airplanes around the room.

The website’s audience has been growing in popularity over several months, and a spokesperson for FlightGame.net explained why:

“Humans have been fascinated with flight for thousands of years. Today, our website is bringing that magic to an online audience. FlightGame.net features an incredible selection of free flight games that can be played directly in the internet browser. Our goal was to make online flying games as accessible as possible, and we feel we’ve accomplished that goal. We also regularly add additional games which keeps our user base growing steadily month after month.”

The interface of FlightGame.net could be one reason behind the website’s success. The main page of FlightGame.net features two simple columns. In one column, visitors will see a list of the highest rated games available on the website. Currently, that column includes games like Notebook Wars 2, TU-95, and Battlefield Airwolf, all of which involve flying combat aircraft into battle.

The other column features a list of the most popular games currently hosted by the website. These rankings are based on how many people have played a particular game over a period of time. Much like the top-rated games column, the most popular games column is dominated by military aircraft simulators.

However, the most popular game currently on the site is simply called “Flight Game,” which allows players to customize paper airplanes before throwing them as far as possible. As players complete more flights, they can buy upgrades for their aircraft and customize it in new and exciting ways. The FlightGame.net spokesperson explained that this is just one of many popular games on the site:

“All of our games are 100% free and feature an easy learning curve to ensure our visitors are enjoying themselves as much as possible. The more time visitors spend gaming, the happier they will be.”

Whether piloting a fighter jet into war or trying to reach new heights with a paper plane, FlightGame.net seeks to bring the magical world of flight to an online audience. With military shooters, paper airplane dogfights, and more, the website wants to impress visitors of all age levels and flying experience.

About FlightGame.net
FlightGame.net features a selection of free online flight games that visitors can play. There are military simulators, dogfight games, and paper airplane games, among others. For more information, please visit: http://www.flightgame.net