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FLIK'r Switch Crowdfunding Project Launched


Ronkonkoma, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- In hopes of raising $100,000 Dr. David Deak, Inventor of The FLIK’r Switch, has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. Dr. Deak is a Physicist and the CTO of ISM Enigma, LLC - a company based in Long Island, New York that has created a prototype for an “energy harvesting generator which eliminates the need for batteries in the switch remote enclosure.” In layperson’s terms - it’s a self-powered wireless remote switch that controls lights, fans, and other appliances with no batteries necessary. The remote control device will accomplish its task up to 300 feet indoors and 450 feet out of doors. The innovative FLIK’r Switch will conveniently work through floors, doors and windows to control with or without dimming.

With convenience in mind, the FLIK’r Switch doesn’t need to be mounted however it certainly can be. It can also be carried strictly as a remote device or it can be docked in a wall sleeve minimizing the need to mar walls. For ease of usability one switch can control an unlimited number of receivers. “And each receiver can handle a plurality of lights or other electrical loads up to its maximum wattage limit for multi-lighting situations.” said Dr. Deak. Additionally, up to thirty-two switches can control one receiver.

Each remote receiver has thirty-two memory storage locations for different addresses or lights, appliances, and the like. With easy pairing of remote to device - simply by pressing the switch and thereby “flicking” the transmitter - the remote also has a dimmer switch on the bottom. To dim the controlled light a simple move of the slide control to the extreme right for full 100% brightness and to the extreme left for minimum brightness is all that’s necessary. As the slide control is linear, mid-position gives 50% brightness.

The FLIK’r Switch can be used to power on and off incandescent, halogen, mercury vapor and fluorescent lights. It can also be used with CFL, dim-able CFL, dim-able LED and fans. Thinking outside the box, so to speak, the little innovative switch can be used to streamline business transactions such as hotel taxi calling systems, casino table service calls, computer monitors and factory floor alerts. It can control lights for docks to shore and boats to house, holiday lights, landscape lighting, senor call for assistance and something as utilitarian and lovely as backlighting for framed art.

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