Flipbook Creator Software Now Provides Free Templates

FlipBook Creator for Windows v3.8.8 now enables users to download and install free templates directly into the software, enabling the creation of unique flip books every time.


Guang Dong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- FlipBook Creator for Windows v3.8.8 is now configured to enable users to download and install free templates directly into the software. Preconfigured templates are available for use within the flipbook creator so users can create professional quality documents. These include Spread, Neat, Float, and Classical templates which can be selected according to the style and format of the flip book, or based on a visual appeal that looks best.

Free templates are available on the company’s website. In addition to the main categories of templates, they are also found in different themes so page flip book makers can choose from a wide range of them. All are available in .ZIP compressed file format and can be used with most operating systems. Professional, interactive flip books can be created in minutes by adding a template and converting a PDF into a digital e-book.

Customizing the look and feel of flip books enables unique publications to be generated every time. The page turning software will also preserve the hyperlinks, bookmarks, text format, and table of contents in a PDF so all the desired content can be included. Finished products can be published to the Web or shared on social media, while compatibility with Google Analytics helps make use of flip books for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

In addition, Alpha Templates is a plug-in module available at a charge for FlipBook Creator. Individual templates include Conciseness, Lively, SingleSlide, and Calendar. Users just have to download the plug-in and enter the license code into the installer program. In the Conciseness template, user-created notes appear in a blank space to the left of the flip book. Icons are activated by hovering the mouse over them in the Lively template, while the SingleSlide template is suited for displaying wide single pages. With the Calendar template, users can make their pdf to flipping book simulate a real calendar with horizontal or vertical flipping.

Numerous free templates are available to all users of flip book PDF converter. They enable a flip book with a unique layout to be created every time, providing viewers and customers with fresh content all the time. The templates also help save time, because the graphical elements already in place do not require any design team. Flip books can be converted and published within minutes. The convenience also makes it more enjoyable for someone creating a flip book so the process is stress-free and creative.

FlipBook Creator for Windows v3.8.8 makes it easy to convert PDF files into virtual flip books. For more information, visit http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/index.html.

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