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FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 Now Lets Users Organize Files in Virtual Book Case


Guangzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2013 -- Extending the ability to convert PDF files to virtual page-flipping e-books, FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 now lets users design their own virtual book case to organize flipbooks. Each one appears on virtual shelves and a simple mouse click is all that is needed to open the e-book and start viewing it. After creating an e-book in as little as a few minutes, a user can start creating a virtual bookcase by selecting the button on the top of the main editing screen.

The digital magazine software is also now available with an online service for uploading e-books. Registration with an email address is needed to create an account. Users can then manage all of their digital flip books online without having to rely only on computer-based files. This provides the chance to access the files from anywhere one happens to be when they wish to see a flipping book, and keep their creations safe and backed up.

Since FlipBook Creator is so efficient at organizing virtual books and information, it provides the perfect solution for creating and growing an online library. Most people prefer the Internet over traditional libraries where it can take some time to find the desired books, let alone travel to and from. Viewers can easily access e-books, magazines, catalogs, and more from their computer or mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android. Even a specific library can add its logo to show its brand or add password access to manage user accounts.

The multimedia features of the flip book maker also contribute to its suitability in creating an online library. Templates help customize the look and feel of flipbooks, but the hyperlinks and table of contents make it easy to organize information. Users can select a link to a specific category, e-book, or website to find what they are looking for. These can lead to anywhere in the library or the Internet for that matter. Simple tools make them easy to create in seconds, or the links and table of contents can be transferred automatically while converting the PDF.

Available in versions for Windows and Mac, FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 now features a virtual bookcase and an upload online service, making it easier than ever to create an online library. More can be learned about the program, and a free trial and paid version accessed on the product page at

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