FLIPT Launches Website and Beta Mobile App to Help People Interested in Real Estate to Find Money-Making Properties

FLIPT announces the launch of their first beta website and the first FLIPT mobile app on iTunes.


Bellevue, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- Doing their best to better visualize unique home insights, FLIPT announces the launch of a new service that helps make real estate investing an easy and straightforward process. The company celebrates the launch of their comprehensive website and beta mobile app by bringing to the marketplace two products that work in tandem to calculate the risk in search of the perfect properties to invest. Encouraged by the response they’ve already received, Andrey Nokhrin, CEO of FLIPT said of the dual launch, “We couldn’t be happier to launch this new real estate technology that FLIPT was able to help number of real estate investors and cash buyers to find interesting deals in their area. The mobile has already simplified the lives of realtors and allowed them to brand themselves in a way that makes them more valuable to clients. The most important, FLIPT helped people interested to invest money in real estate to connect with real estate professionals and private lenders to take their business to the next step. The product is already doing exactly what it was designed to do.”

The FLIPT real estate web app is already a favorite and has a multitude of users making the best use of the site’s inventoried deals with a total value of over $2.6Billion. In the brief time since its official launch on January 17th, the site has delivered numerous cash-buyer leads to realtors and real estate lenders. The first website of its kind to give users unique insights into the investment potential of thousands of residential properties across the United States. Simply stated, the site shows buyers the best deals. With the FLIPT site real estate investors and realtors can browse the extensive inventory of up-to-date real estate listings in any given area and get instant access to unique insights on the listed properties. The free service causes one to ask, “How does it work?”

The FLIPT web app analyzes profit potential by calculating actual costs including what it would take to renovate the property and ROI to give what the company calls a FLIPT score. With the use of a specially designed algorithm the web app details the potential of a property as a profitable investment. The algorithm considers a cumulative score based on the purchase price, property condition, location and the investment area’s value. It also appropriates the property’s appreciation potential, its age, comparable properties within a range of one mile and the cost of repairs. Lastly, the algorithm takes into account the rental income estimate and the resale potential for the investor. These combined variables inform the investor of a property’s investment potential.

Working in conjunction with the website the FLIPT iOS mobile app consists of resourceful tools that allow realtors to write reports and produce spreadsheets for the perusal of their investment clients. For the ultimate in convenience, the app is advantageous on an iPhone or iPad with an iOS 7.0 or later version required. Designed specifically for real estate agents and brokers, the app allows them to add properties with investment potential to FLIPTs database and instantly share deals and unique property information found when doing their own research. In addition to generating buyer leads, real estate agents can maximize their marketing efforts and add their own branding by simply locating a property, geo-tagging it to add their own notes and then sharing the report with clients and partners. The detailed report includes; FLIPT calculated return on investment, purchase price, renovation recommendations, resale value and estimated projected profit. Nokhrin adds, “Between the FLIPT app and the website everybody involved wins.”

The new improved version of Beta FLIPT will be released in February and will allow people to find unique investment insights about any residential property in the US.

FLIPT is a service founded by a team of experts in real estate and software in January of 2014 with a mission to better visualize investment insights and help people make better decisions about homes. People interested in real estate and real estate professionals make the best use of shared information about real estate via their comprehensive website and mobile app.

For more information visit www.flipt.co. To connect on Facebook and Twitter, click on www.facebook.com/RealEstateFLIPT and www.twitter.com/FliptRealEstate respectively.