FlockU Offers Students Fun Reads About Adulthood


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2016 -- Any student basking in the splendors of campus lifestyle that has ever wondered what the real world has in store, truly knows the meaning of fear. Once graduates leave the fantasyland of college life behind and embark on the journey into adulthood, they will undoubtedly be confronted with a few harsh realities, some of which are virtually unimaginable. Luckily, FlockU has made the transition into adulthood a little less daunting and bit more manageable with an informative and entertaining spin on real life lessons of being a "grown up."

THE REAL WORLD section on FlockU.com is geared specifically for the undergraduate who wants to be entertained while he or she reads about important adult matters. The section contains practical and useful information such as finance management tips, how to maintain a good credit score, job interview prep, and much more.

College is like an audition and graduating is proof to future employers that a student is responsible enough to show up on time, digest information and apply it in the right way. The real life lessons that aren't taught in the classroom can be found on FlockU.

To learn more about the transition from college life to real life, visit http://www.flocku.com/category/real-world. The site is full of other entertaining college-centric content, too.

About FlockU
FlockU is a platform for college students to share lessons and stories learned both inside and outside of class. FlockU was created out of its founders' dream of providing a space where the real world and college life could meet. Offering student created lifestyle and culture content, and tips on internship and study abroad opportunities as well a way for students to tell their own stories, FlockU is on its way to becoming a go-to source for college students looking for the best content that matters to them.

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