FlockU's the REAL WORLD Offers a Unique Take on Post-Graduate Life


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2016 -- College life equips students with many things. For instance, graduates leave school with a comprehensive, functional knowledge of several topics like how to behave at a social function, what to wear in public, and exactly how many hours of sleep are needed each night to survive a 9-5 day. Graduates also leave school equipped with a specialized set of skills, like how to make a beer bong out of anything, how to get the most food for a dollar, and how to manipulate margins and font sizes to turn 8 pages into 10. Oh, yeah, students also walk away from graduation with a piece of paper verifying their expertise in a given field of study, but that's secondary.

The truth is, no class or term paper can sufficiently prepare students for every curveball. If they're lucky, most students will know how to dodge a 90mph fastball hurtling toward their heads upon graduation. That's why FlockU, arguably the greatest college website ever conceived by the minds of mere mortals, has a specially curated section of content for students who want to learn how to adult, called "THE REAL WORLD."

THE REAL WORLD page on FlockU is full of useful tips, blurbs, real life stories, and tell-all tales to prepare prospective grownups for what awaits them once they set foot into real life. On THE REAL WORLD page at FlockU.com, current students can read about topics that they won't hear about in the classroom, such as the basics of credit, some well-hidden truths about student loans, and how best to manage finances after graduation. But this page isn't just for students, because those who have been in the real world for a while can wax nostalgic with content that focuses on being in one's 20s; they can also read about how to recover from financial mistakes and keep up with current campus lifestyle trends happening across campuses nationwide.

What makes this content unique is that it's written almost entirely by current college students – so, the entertainment factor is high, and BS is low. Check it out at http://www.flocku.com/category/real-world#.

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FlockU is a platform for college students to share lessons and stories learned both inside and outside of class. FlockU was created out of its founders' dream of providing a space where the real world and college life could meet. Offering student created lifestyle and culture content, and tips on internship and study abroad opportunities as well a way for students to tell their own stories, FlockU is on its way to becoming a go-to source for college students looking for the best content that matters to them.

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