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Flood and Mold NJ Offers Mold Remediation and Flood Cleanup Services for New Clientele


Jackson, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2015 -- As summer draws to a close, cooler and rainier late summer and fall weather approaches, offering the chance for all of the problems that come in line with the season. This includes flooding, erosion and weakening flora throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Flood and Mold NJ, a mold remediation and flood restoration organization servicing Ocean and Monmouth Counties and all of the surrounding regions, is announcing their availability to accept new clientele for mold remediation and flood cleanup services.

Flood waters typically originate from sources that are rich in microscopic plant matter and minerals. As these waters stay behind, they deposit their contents into their surroundings. The slow process of water evaporation gives time for microorganisms like mold and mildew to form in properties. Individuals who have experienced this issue, and are seeking mold remediation in Seaside Heights, NJ, or any of the surrounding regions, are urged to contact Flood and Mold NJ as soon as possible. There are hundreds of different strains of mold—experts from Flood and Mold NJ provide comprehensive diagnosis and remediation services to offer solutions for any kind of mold infestation.

Aside from mold, there are many other issues that come along with prolonged exposure to flood water. In some cases, flood water cannot effectively drain from a property and needs to be professionally removed. Individuals seeking quick and painless flood cleanup in Ocean County, NJ, and all of the surrounding regions can trust Flood and Mold NJ to get the job done. They are able to help with any structural damage that occurred during the flood process and leave the property not only repaired, but prepared for the next bout, with insulation that will keep groundwater out in the future.

Individuals who feel they may have a problem with mold can contact Flood and Mold NJ immediately for a complimentary consultation at 888-377-8368. They can also be reached through a contact form available directly on their website.

About Flood and Mold NJ
Flood and Mold NJ provides high quality mold remediation and flood damage recovery for New Jersey residents under the strong guidelines of the Restoration Industry Association and the CCIRC. They provide their own laboratory testing and analysis services as well as 3rd party verification, and their skilled staff is trained in the latest, greatest, most environmentally-sound mold remediation techniques and methods. They can be reached for routine or emergency services by phone at 888-377-8368.

For more information, please visit www.floodandmoldnj.com