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Flood and Mold NJ Provides Mold Inspection, Testing and Remediation Services


Jackson, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2015 -- During the warmer and moister summer months, mold becomes more of a problem as moisture allows it to encroach upon individual's living spaces. It takes the touch of a professional to truly eradicate mold from a living space, whether it dwells in the basement, the roof, in the bathrooms or anywhere else. For that reason, right now, Flood and Mold NJ is announcing their availability to provide consultations on mold inspection, testing and remediation services for clientele throughout their service area.

Flood and Mold NJ's mold remediation throughout Seaside Heights, NJ, has earned them a strong local reputation for quality and speed of service. Through modern detection and identification techniques, Flood and Mold NJ pinpoints the exact type of mold that a client's property is suffering from and then quickly devises a solution to ensure the problem is eliminated thoroughly.

Having mold in a property for prolonged periods of time is extremely hazardous to the building's occupants. Some of the dangers of mold exposure include severe allergic reactions, respiratory distress and more. Mold is especially dangerous to both elderly and very young occupants with developing or compromised immune systems. Flood and Mold NJ works hard every year providing mold removal throughout Jackson, NJ, and many surrounding regions to protect their client's health and the well-being of their families and the occupants of their properties.

Since 1997, Flood and Mold NJ has served homes and businesses with inspecting, testing and remediation services for mold infestations of all sizes and species. It's best to get mold when colonies are in their infancy. Regardless of the age of the infestation, Flood and Mold NJ has the proper technology and technique to remove it safely and bring the property back to its former grandeur.

Flood and Mold NJ is conveniently located in Jackson, New Jersey. For more information on the organization or to schedule a consultation, reach them by phone at 888-377-8368 or fill out a contact form available on their website.

About Flood and Mold NJ
Flood and Mold NJ provides high quality mold remediation and flood damage recovery for New Jersey residents under the strong guidelines of the Restoration Industry Association and the CCIRC. They provide their own laboratory testing and analysis services as well as 3rd party verification, and their skilled staff is trained in the latest, greatest, most environmentally-sound mold remediation techniques and methods. They can be reached for routine or emergency services by phone at 888-377-8368.

For more information, please visit http://www.floodandmoldnj.com