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Floor Company Presents Cures for Hardwood Finish Problems


West Milford, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- All Flortec, Inc. recently posted an article presenting cures for common hardwood finish problems. Hardwood floors have various types of finishes. Certain methods can be used to improve the appearance of these finishes to make hardwood floors look fantastic.

In 11 Cures for Common Hardwood Finish Problems, All Flortec presents typical polyurethane problems along with troubleshooting and cures. For example, early wear typically comes from using the wrong cleaning products that do not completely clean the floor. Another mistake is using too much water or strong solvent based cleaners. Using cleaners made for wood flooring can make a big difference.

Another problem people have with hardwood floors is discoloration. According to All Flortec, oil based polyurethanes can yellow over time when exposed to sunlight. Other finishes can also get discolored over time with exposure to direct sunlight. Shading the floors in these areas can minimize discoloration.

Other problems with hardwood floors include roughness, peeling and bubbles in the finish. Flortec Hardwood explains the causes of these problems and potential cures. With the proper care and maintenance, hardwood floors can look beautiful for many years to come.

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