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Floor Matting Company,, Announces Extensive Selection of Floor Mats with Logos


Etna, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2016 --, an Ohio floor mat and matting solutions company, offers a variety of floor mats with logos for customers interested in a floor mat with a design imprinted on its surface. The complete selection of mats with logos is available on the company's website, accompanied by specific product details and images, under the heading "Logo Mats" at the top of the site's home page.

One brand of logo mat stocked by the company is Waterhog. These mats are especially suited for business customers and the brand provides mats for business use both inside and out. For example, a residence or hotel may place one of these mats with their logo printed on it outside its front door, or a company may place a mat with its logo on the interior of its office building in a prominent location like an important office or conference room. The SupersScrape brand is also stocked in this section of which provides businesses in the market for logo mats with multiple options.

The Logo Mats section of the company's website also includes message sign mats. These are mats with message signs printed on them as opposed to company logos. The actual mats that these signs are printed on are found on the website in the Industrial Matting section, and are designed for customers who need to print safety warnings onto mats used, for example, in areas with hazardous materials or in areas where caution must be exhibited due to potentially hazardous or slippery floor conditions. 

More details and information can be found at has provided customers with custom floor matting, heated floor mats and safety floor matting solutions for more than 60 years. Beginning as a distributor of a brand of anti-slip safety tape, was inspired to design better and more diverse products to accommodate the growing demand for floor mats and floor matting solutions.

About has continued to evolved and grown from a solid position in the floor mat industry to a leader.  Designing and manufacturing their own products has marked them as serious and determined, along with knowledgeable and reliable. This is obvious from the various industrial, professional athletic, and government contracts they have been awarded.  They have developed many different solutions for branches of the United States Military such as the Army, Air Force, and US Coast Guard.

From heated matting, anti-slip, anti-fatigue, and logo mats, to specialty products that are eco-friendly such as exit signs, hand cleaners, and pest control options, they are diverse and varied.  Providing industrial and business solutions that can be customized to each specific and unique business, to residential applications to improve lifestyle and safety, stands out as a company that listens to their customers.

Address: 101 Progressive Drive, Etna, Ohio 43062
Phone: 800-876-1312