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Flooring Scottsdale AZ Company Carpet-Rite Informs Public About Major Hardwood Flooring Trends


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Many individuals today opt for wood flooring as a beautiful, economical, and low-maintenance alternative to other types of flooring, especially because it is easy to care for and harbors no dust.

For years, one flooring Scottsdale AZ company, Carpet-Rite, has dedicated itself to providing clients with only the best materials for their remodeling and renovation projects. Carpet-Rite specializes in both hardwood flooring and carpet options, but their experience in the flooring business is extensive. The company prides itself on its knowledgeable sales staff and 400-item plus product range, and is known in the business for their quality installation and fast turn around.

Recently, the hardwood flooring Scottsdale expert released a list of the four top trends in the flooring market.

For one, exotic wood is becoming fashionable in homes today. Harvested from unusual trees, woods such as Teak, Merbau, Brazilian Cherry, and Santos Mohogany offer a unique look to homes that use them. Although they are more expensive, such woods cater to a wider range of tastes. Homeowners on a budget can also consider woods that mimic exotics. This allows people to achieve the look for a lower price.

Plank width is becoming wider as the years progress. Nowadays, instead of two to three inch planks, most planks are five to eight inches. Less seams provide a relaxed look, especially in rooms with lots of light.

Harder finishes, such as aluminum oxide and polyurethane finishes, are popular with families that have active children and medium to large size dogs. Some hardwood floors are even infused with a liquid acrylic, resulting in a 250 percent increase in hardness.

Lastly, cork and woven bamboo are becoming desirable flooring products. Cork is resilient and bamboo is hard, making them great options for individuals who have homes or commercial properties. Cork and bamboo look organic and are easily replaced, and are a favorite with interior designers.

Carpet-Rite invites any clients with questions or concerns to contact them via phone or through the form available on their website. The flooring Scottsdale AZ company provides free estimates upon request.

About Carpet-Rite
Since Carpet-Rite’s first day in the flooring business, they have tackled a wide variety of projects ranging from 15,000 square foot homes to the inside of a dollhouse. The company boasts a massive product line, from base grade and low end products, used for rentals, to high end designer oriented carpets and hardwoods, used for other properties. With over 400 carpet and hardwood flooring products in Carpet-Rite’s Scottsdale Airpark showroom, the client will always be able to see a broad range of colors and styles quickly and efficiently. For more information, please visit http://www.carpetritescottsdale.com