Affordable SEO Services Equips Coast Guard with Slip-Resistant Ship Decks


Etna, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2017 --, a provider of solutions for a variety of individuals and businesses who require extra stability and safety from their floor mats, has affirmed their status as an industry leader by helping to outfit the decks of U.S. Coast Guard ships with slip-resistant tape.

The U.S. Coast Guard ordered 50 cutters—the term for the Coast Guard's commissioned vessels—from one of the world's largest ship building companies, Bollingers of New Orleans. The initial order was for one ship to be produced each month for five years. The order required that the ships' decks be entirely covered by a slip-resistant surface. This was a deviation from standard Coast Guard ship building protocol, which normally called for the surface of decks to be covered with minerals mixed with paint. In order to outfit the ships with entirely slip-resistant deck surfaces, Bollingers partnered with inspected the ships produced by Bollingers in order to determine the most effective matting solution to the problem. The Coast Guard required a slip-resistant system constructed with the most effective slip-resistant tape available. "They wanted a system in which any given piece could be replaced instantly while out at sea if, due to various abusive situations, the tape wore or ripped," notes. The previous ship deck surfaces, the company goes on to relay, meant that "the ship was required to be dry docked for several days to correct an abused area. Costly and inefficient."

After considering the needs of the Coast Guard and applying their decades of knowledge and experience implementing matting solutions to achieve safety and stability outcomes, was able to provide the ships with a system of slip-resistant tape to be employed throughout the deck. Not only was the floor matting company able to meet the strict time frames required by the military, but replacement pieces were manufactured as well and made continually available. 

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