Affordable SEO Services Expands Anti-Slip Products to Further Safety Solutions


Etna, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2016 --, an industry leader in the provision of custom floor matting, heated floor mats and safety solutions for over 60 years, is offering a wide range of anti-slip products through their website. The company serves both individual and commercial customers and their anti-slip products are designed to fit a variety of safety needs that a person or business may have.

One broad category of anti-slip products available from on their website is specially designed anti-slip tape. This anti-slip tape is placed over existing floors, mats and carpets and designed to reduce slipping and thus increase the safety of those moving over the surface and the objects that may be placed on the surface. One product that falls under this broader category of anti-slip products stocked by is a line of products manufactured and distributed under the brand name 3M Safety-Walk. Their line of products includes a variety of slip-resistant materials that are able to prevent slips and falls that can be problematic not only in terms of safety but also in terms of the costs that are often associated with such falls. The slip-resistant materials from 3M Safety-Walk are placed on top of surfaces like tape and provide stability even in the presence of slippery substances such as oil, grease and water. Their products are manufactured to work indoors and outdoors, come in different colors and the company offers different variations of their products relative to the frequency and type of activity that will be performed on the surface.  Their innovative approach to safety allows them to continually design and add new products to their product line.

In addition to various types of anti-slip tapes, also offers anti-slip safety floor mats. Rather than tape that is placed over existing mats and floors, these slip-resistant safety mats are standalone mats that provide safety and stability. These anti-slip mats are covered with special material that prevents the mat from slipping when exposed to slippery substances like water, grease and oil. While the substance they are coated with is designed to prevent the mat from slipping, many of these mats are also able to be frequently removed for cleaning or use in a different area. Individuals or businesses that may need to frequently adjust the location of their slip-resistant floor coverings may have particular interest in these slip-resistant safety mats, which are often designed to be lightweight, thin, durable and flexible. The mats are available in various sizes on and range in price from about $120 to about $750, with the price increasing based on mat size. 

Details about their anti-slip safety line can be found at is proud to offer competitive pricing on all top brands of floor matting products to both companies and individuals. Customers are able to learn more about using the contact information provided below.

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