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Etna, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2016 --, an Ohio floor mat and floor matting solutions company, has provided a section on its website devoted to specialty mats. The specialty mat section of the website can be accessed by clicking on the "Specialty" link at the top of the homepage. The specialty section indicates that it contains matting and safety products for unusual applications. provides these specialty mats for both individual and business customers.

One of the products designated as a specialty product by is well matting. The company notes that these well matting installations are of particular interest to maintenance departments for their potential to reduce costs and protect floors and carpet from dirt, salt and excessive wear.

Another product offered in this section is a mat designed for track and field applications. These mats are laid over tracks that are used each season of the year to protect from damage that track spikes and cleats can cause to the track. This product would be of particular interest, the company notes, to any school, athletic department or professional organization charged with the maintenance of an athletic track.

The specialty section of also offers a mat with a built-in foot care system that is able to be safely affixed to a tub or shower and used or stood on each time its user takes a shower or bathes. The specialty section also includes a link to additional safety products, like a wet area matting product and others designed to reduce slipping, that are otherwise found throughout the website.

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About has provided customers with custom floor matting, heated floor mats and safety floor matting solutions for more than 60 years. Beginning as a distributor of a brand of anti-slip safety tape, was inspired to design better and more diverse products to accommodate the growing demand for floor mats and floor matting solutions. Along with their safety and specialty matting products, they also offer eco-friendly products in their green line, including pest control items, hand cleaners, and exit signs.

Since making the decision to manufacture their own products, has become a pioneer in the floor mat industry. They have developed anti-slip solutions for and been awarded contracts by numerous government entities including the U.S. Coast Guard, Army and Air Force. The company has also focused on innovation, creating electric mats that melt snow and ice. also created the first heated anti-fatigue mats in the country.

The Ohio floor mat company prides itself on the variety of needs they are able to fill with their products. Industrial customers that require solutions in order to help their business grow are able to utilize the products and the bulk ordering options available from Just as important, individual customers with health or balance issues are able to maintain independence with their anti-slip products.

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