PR Apex Shares Many Useful Tips for Choosing Healthcare Matting Solutions, a matting company headquartered in Etna, OH, has posted an online article featuring many useful tips for choosing healthcare matting solutions. According to the company, buyers should always consider the type of antimicrobial agent, the quality of the mat, anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties, and the site of installation, when choosing medical floor mats.


Etna, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2018 -- has acknowledged the difficulty of choosing the right floor mat in today's highly saturated matting market. As such, the company has shared some useful tips for choosing medical floor mats. The most important consideration when buying healthcare matting materials should be the type and durability of the antimicrobial agent.

According to, the most important thing that a buyer should consider when buying healthcare matting solutions is the type of antimicrobial agent. This indicates the potency of the medical mat in resisting germs in a sterile medical environment. The candidly titled article, "Tips for Choosing Healthcare Matting Solutions," discusses the various factors that a buyer should consider when choosing medical floor mats. The article can be found in the series the company created to further educate and assist clients with medical matting solutions which starts with starts by explaining that the healthcare or medical industry uses special types of floor mats to prevent contamination and cross contamination in sterile medical facilities. These mats contain antimicrobial agents that trap, kill, and inhibit the growth of various bacteria, fungi, and germs. When choosing medical floor mats, the buyer should at least buy one that has an industrial grade antimicrobial agent that resists most Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and fungus. The antimicrobial formula should be manufactured directly into the production material to ensure its longevity.

In addition to the antimicrobial properties of the medical mat, advises buyers to also consider the anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties of the mat. According to the company, all medical floor mats should enhance ergonomic comfort in the workplace. They should also ensure floor safety by increasing traction on the wet slippery medical floors. The buyer should also consider the quality of the mat and the intended site of installation to decide whether to buy an exam medical mat or a surgical medical mat.

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