Joe Bragg Offers Free Next Day Delivery Throughout the UK on Underfloor Heating Mat Kits


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- Walking on a cold floor can be an uncomfortable experience. Even while wearing socks, the coldness of the floor can seep through, leaving a chill throughout the body and making the entire house feel colder than it actually is. Today, more and more homeowners are warding off the chilliness of cold floors by installing underfloor heating mat kits in rooms throughout the home.

In the past, floor warmers were an unnecessary expense reserved for only the most luxurious of homes. Today, websites like aim to sell floor warming kits to homeowners on any type of budget. At, visitors will discover a number of different sub-floor heating mats at a wide range of price levels and heat ratings.

Instead of selling complete electric floor warming services, the website sells electric underfloor heating mat kits. Homeowners purchase these kits and can install them in their home by following the instructions included with each purchase. In order to comply with local building codes, all electric underfloor heating installation projects must be certified or tested by a competent individual – like a residential electrician – prior to being turned on.

A spokesperson for explains the advantages the website aims to offer over other floor heating specialists and retailers:

“Our goal is to offer top-quality underfloor heating kits at a price that’s fair. We also provide other perks to customers, including a 5% discount off all kit prices, free next day delivery, and a lifetime quality guarantee. We also offer a wide range of heating kits at a number of different price levels.”

Electric heating kits start at £72.77 per square meter and go up to £91.89 per square meter. The main difference between these kits is wattage. Lower-priced heating mats have a wattage of around 100W, while higher priced kits have a wattage of approximately 200W. Heating kits with a higher wattage heat up more quickly than lower priced heating mats.

In addition to featuring electric underfloor heating kits, the website sells all of the accessories UK residents need to heat their floors and enhance the comfort of their homes. However, each heating kit comes with everything that’s needed to install the kit, so visitors do not have to order any additional components.

Meanwhile, those who are unsure whether or not they need heating kits in their home can visit to learn all about the advantages of floor heating kits and the suggested price ranges.

About is an electric floor heating kit retailer that offers free next day delivery throughout the UK. The website offers heating kits at a wide range of prices and budget levels. For more information, please visit: