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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- Florida Air Duct Cleaners answers what services do heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors provide and what is involved in each of these services.

HVAC Repair

HVAC refers to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning services often center on repair calls. Repairs are more frequent than new equipment installations, and consumers often call a number of service providers before selecting someone to perform the work.

You should pick companies that give free estimates for AC services before you hire someone. The act of writing a check to get a technician to tell you what is wrong and how to fix it often leads someone to hire the person before them, since many HVAC companies reduce the cost of the repair by the amount paid for the service quote.

HVAC Equipment Installation

Equipment installation refers to the installation of new or refurbished equipment. AC installations may be to replace a failed unit, install a more energy efficient unit or supplement existing HVAC equipment already in the building.

Good HVAC companies will offer warranties for any new equipment they install, including parts and labor to repair a new AC if it stops working correctly within a few weeks of installation. HVAC contractors often offer discounted AC service contracts to those who buy new equipment from them.

Equipment installation is not limited to heating and cooling equipment. Many HVAC contractors service air filtration units and dehumidifiers as well.

AC Services

AC services refer to the regular maintenance of air conditioning equipment. These services can include checking refrigerant levels, adding refrigerant as necessary, changing air filters, cleaning the equipment and performing preventative maintenance so that emergency repairs are not necessary later. An AC tune up typically includes system checks, refrigerant level checks and reviewing the wear and tear on the system.

Freon Recovery

Freon recovery refers to the process of capturing the Freon already in an air conditioner when it is drained. Freon is difficult to acquire on the open market due to environmental regulations. However, it is legal to have the Freon in your air conditioner captured, purified and put back into the air conditioner. This can be part of an AC maintenance agreement or performed when an old unit is removed so that the Freon can be used in another AC.

Duct Recoating

Not all ventilation ducts have coating. Those ventilation ducts that have coating possess it for one or more of the following reasons: reduce mechanical noise, prevent sound from carrying through the vents form one room to another, improve the speed at which air moves through the vents, inhibit mold growth and prevent the ducts from rusting. The coating will eventually wear out. Pitting in the ducts and worn out patches could collect water or collect dust. Duct recoating services should involve cleaning of the ducts before the installation of a new coating.

Home Energy Audits

Home energy audits involve a survey of the property for hot spots, cold spots, air leaks and areas where moisture is getting into the home. Home energy audits are offered by many utility providers and HVAC companies.

What happens after an energy audit? Home owners could choose to add insulation to cold spots, fill in cracks around windows, put in weather stripping under doors, wrap more insulation around ventilation ducts and a number of other measures.

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