Florida Company Unveils Simple Fix to Receipt Organization


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2012 -- Fashion-forward business travellers and organizational minded people everywhere rejoiced this week as a Florida-based company unveiled its innovative fix to end all lost receipt woes.

Receipts have become extremely unmanageable in the past decades. According to data from the American Bankers Association, an estimated 864 million credit card transactions worldwide are completed every day. Add that to all other forms of business transactions and payments, and you get a staggering number of receipts every single month. This has resulted in misplaced or lost receipts, and has become a major stumbling block forthose trying to organize their business and personal expenses.

Receipt Klips LLC, an exciting new company, offers a simple solution – the Receipt Klip.

The Receipt Klip is a stylish receipt organizer that can securely store more than thirty receipts within its slim frame. Made of high-quality nappa leather, this innovative solution for receipt clutter makes use of powerful magnets to compress and secure the receipts. Beautifully designed, and with a size that’s small enough to fit inside one’s palm, this ingenious organizer has already earned a following among business executives and travellers.

Mal Maher, CEO of Sewing Sports, praised the product for its ingenuity, and credited it for solving his old problem with receipt clutter. "I travel a lot and keep my expense receipts in there. Before this I'd lose receipts and not get reimbursed. My wife bought one for her purse and loves that it's small and lightweight. Great organizer for us,” shared Maher.

As a newly-established company, Receipt Klips LLC is very excited in rolling out its pioneer product. The reception for the innovative receipt organizer has been tremendous, with Receipt Klips being viewed as a must-have for anyone who has ever had a hard time managing their receipts. With receipts properly organized, it becomes easier to reconcile one’s bank account, monitor credit card billings, file expense reports, return or exchange purchased items, and avoid duplicate billings.

According to Nolan Jones, President of Receipt Klips LLC, their company is very optimistic about the public’s response to their new product. “We are very excited about the Receipt Klips product. The uniqueness of our product is in its design. The magnetic functionality, small size and quality leather set us apart in the marketplace. We are currently partnering with companies in various sales channels and are very excited about the opportunities ahead,” he said.

Designed by a business traveller and fashion industry veteran, the Receipt Klip represents a fusion of style and functionality. It comes in a variety of colors, and has an expansion joint in the middle that allows for increased storage capacity. With its convenient size and extreme functionality, it’s expected to become a popular corporate gift and personal present within the next coming months.

Starting at a sticker price of only $12.99, Receipt Klips are presently available for both domestic and international shipping through the company website, and is targeted to appear on retail shelves on 2013.

About Receipt Klips LLC
Receipts Klips LLC is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the Receipt Klips product line. To learn more about the company and their product, visit their website at or check out the Receipt Klips Facebook page.