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Florida Drivers Heading North for the Holidays Should Double Check Their Auto Insurance for Peace of Mind


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2011 -- For many Floridians, the winter holidays are a time to see relatives up north. It is important to remember that it takes a different mindset to safely drive in snowy and icy conditions. Florida drivers should check with their relatives to see if there are any precautions they suggest, and call their Florida auto insurance agent to make sure their coverage is current and addresses any concerns they might have.

“For native Floridians who have never driven in snow, let alone dealt with icy roads, the family trip up north can be a stressful one,” said Vincent Payne of AGIC Insurance, Inc., a Florida car insurance company. “Get peace of mind by having a chat with your insurance company and learning more about how to drive in cold climates.”

Sometimes the most basic tips are helpful to arrive at the family’s snowy holiday destination. Trips can take longer in wintry conditions, so make sure to give the driver extra time to drive safely. Driving slower is important when it is sleeting, icy, or snowing, as it does take longer to brake, turn, and even accelerate in these conditions. Make sure to not ride the bumper of any cars in front, as braking can get tricky in winter weather.

“Make sure your cellphone is charged and the gas tank is full if you know you will be heading into dangerous weather,” said Payne. “Having properly inflated tires helps too and buy a scraper to use up north to get frost or snow off your automobile.”

Other basics to know are to be extra careful when driving over bridges or areas that do not get much light. Cruise control should also be avoided when the road is slippery as sudden braking or accelerating can cause hydroplaning.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. makes it easy for drivers to be prepared for holiday driving. Over the phone or online, drivers can get assistance and learn more about their affordable Florida auto insurance quotes. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.