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Florida Electronic Driver Licenses Debut in 2021

Applications for the 2021 rollout of Florida electronic driver's licenses are soon to begin processing. The state will be the first in the world to have electronic driver's licenses that stringently conform with tight national and international standards and have cutting-edge technology in place for the utmost security.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2021 -- Florida electronic driver's licenses can be easily obtained through the use of modern smartphones and tablets. These mobile driver's licenses comply with the national and international laws of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators as well as the International Organization for Standardization, meaning that they can be used domestically and internationally.

With proof of age and driving privileges, these new smartphone driver's licenses will be as valid as regular identity check driver's licenses. They also play an added role as an effective authentication tool, helping Floridians to securely prove who they are online for a variety of services.

Florida residents will be able to easily trigger their mobile identity program, select the form of authentication that is necessary, and keep their mobile device to present it. The mobile device stays in the possession of the user at all times, allowing it to serve as a safe and contact-free means of displaying identification.

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