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Florida Epoxy Flooring Company Announces a Range of Flooring Solutions and Services for Residential and Commercial Properties


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2015 -- Homes are an important investment to make, seeing as this is where all the beautiful memories of one's lifetime are created; or if meant as just an investment, increase in value during the times of sales can be both lucrative and financially useful. One aspect of the home that is commonly overlooked, but in need of the same amount of detailed care as any other part of the home is the floor.

Recognizing this, Florida Epoxy, a leading Epoxy floor solutions provider in and around the Florida area, offers a host of flooring solutions to ensure that residents and commercial complex owners are guaranteed perfect flooring to make their establishments look classy, warm and perfect. With customer service and satisfaction as a primary area of focus while providing their services, Florida Epoxy ensures optimum quality in delivery of its services.

Florida Epoxy offers an array of Chip Selections including:

Solid Colors
Décor Chips
Color Quartz

About Florida Epoxy
Florida Epoxy offers its range of flooring services not just to commercial and residential projects, but also in storage facilities, parking garages, airport hangars, auto dealerships, hospitals among others, ensuring that their flooring is at its best and poses no serious health hazards to the users. Offered at very reasonable rates that make it affordable service of great quality, Florida Epoxy keeps the following factors in mind while performing its job:

- Health and safety of the residents while keeping their flooring clean and free of mold, germs and mildew.
- Durability once the service is performed, so that the effects of the services are long term and hassle free.
- Easy ability to clean the new flooring, spelling convenience and ease of use.

Services are offered all throughout FLORIDA!

Among the major advantages, customers can ensure that their newly refurbished flooring is chemical and stain resistant, durable, long lasting and easy to clean. What's more, professionals at Epoxy Florida are just a phone call away for free consultations and price quotes.

For more information, please visit or call 954-302-2247.

Company Name: Florida Epoxy
Phone: 954-302-2247