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Florida Healthcare Law Firm Announces Free Learning Opportunities

Florida healthcare law attorneys created several targeted, tailored documents to help lawyers and executives through COVID-19 concerns. For a limited time, these documents are available at no charge.


Delray Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2021 -- The Florida Healthcare Law Firm, a full-service law office located in the heart of Florida, is pleased to announce several free, downloadable, educational documents made for healthcare executives and healthcare lawyers alike.

The Florida medical board attorneys at the firm have long prioritized education. They create webinars, host educational sessions, and write up e-books about legal issues that face the healthcare community.

Typically, these products are available for a fee. But as the COVID-19 crisis drags on, the Florida healthcare law attorneys felt their colleagues needed a bit of help.

Bloomberg Law recently predicted deferred retirement for attorneys. Few people want to step away from work during an uncertain time. But that leaves plenty of new lawyers who can't break into leadership positions.

It's hard to become a qualified Florida medical license attorney in these situations. Free educational tools could help these professionals fill the knowledge gap as they wait.

Healthcare organizations are under pressure too. They're forced to cut nonessential care, and that impacts the bottom line. The American Hospital Association said, in May of 2020, that estimated total four-month financial losses amounted to $202.6 billion.

Some organizations in dire financial situations may cut their legal counsel budgets. While no reputable Florida healthcare law attorney recommends skipping legal advice, companies hoping to prioritize resources may appreciate free documents from experts.

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm offers several free resources, including documents that cover these issues:

- HIPAA violations during COVID-19
- Chiropractor law
- COVID-19 vaccination
- Emergency telemedicine

"We hope people will take advantage of these free learning opportunities," says Autumn Piccolo from the Florida Healthcare Law Firm. "Each document is written by one of our Florida healthcare law attorneys, and we offer advice anyone can put to use right away. We're glad to offer this bit of assistance and hope to help our colleagues during a difficult time."

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