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Florida Lawyers Expand Mediation Information at FamilyMediationToday.com


Plantation, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- The Florida lawyers behind FamilyMediationToday.com have recently expanded their website to provide Floridians with more information on the mediation process. The website is the information and initial contact portal for those seeking family mediation and marital settlement agreement services.

The end of a marriage is one of the most difficult times in the life of a family where general divorce proceedings can exacerbate already raw emotions through the disclosure of private matters in the highly public process. Mediation is a positive process of sitting down informally outside of a courtroom to resolve matters or at least hear where the other party is coming from in a confidential non-confrontational manner.

As attorney’s specializing in Family Law and Civil Mediation, Romaine Brown and Nadine Brown seek to bring that alternative to Florida families via creation of their Family Mediation Fort Lauderdale FamilyMediationToday.com website. Although the two private attorneys have separate practices, they recently expanded their joint mediation website to provide greater information on the mediation process. “Our goal is to facilitate a mutually acceptable agreement by helping involved parties communicate in a non-adversarial setting where they can come to their own decisions regarding the conflict,” said Fort Lauderdale Lawyer Romaine Brown. “We wanted to expand the website’s mediation information so that families can begin to understand the mediation process before contracting our services.”

While the less expensive, time consuming and public Marital Settlement Agreement is not possible in all cases of divorce, it is most often in the best interest of all parties concerned to explore the option via mediation. The expanded website information explains how the process can be a constructive way of resolving divorce disputes in good faith with the best interest of the children as the main concern. Readers will learn about mediation in the case of divorce and how the process works.

The new website information ranges from discussion of grounds for divorce, managing shared care of the children and parenting issues to property settlements and division of assets. Mediation rates are also presented with fees for Marital Settlement Agreements, document preparation for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage as well as those fees that must be paid to the court clerk.

“Mediation is about compromise and taking the win or lose aspects out of the equation so all parties concerned are winners,” said Attorney Nadine Brown. “Since the end of a marriage can often devolve to winners and losers, we want to provide information on what is often a much better alternative via our expanded website information.” For more information, please visit http://www.familymediationtoday.com

About FamilyMediationToday.com
The website is the information and initial contact portal for those seeking family mediation and marital settlement agreement services. The website is a joint effort between the Law Offices of Romaine Brown and Associates of Broward County and the Law Offices of Nadine A. Brown, P.A. Romaine Brown, Esquire focuses on domestic and business matters as well as Immigration, Family Law and Civil Cases. Nadine A. Brown, Esquire focuses on Immigration and Family Law serving Orlando, Orange, Polk, Lake, Seminole and Volusia County, Florida.