Florida-Real-Estate-Broker.com Launches Website to Provide Real-Time Marketing Trends and Statistics


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Florida-Real-Estate-Broker.com, today launched a new website that is expected to cause a stir in the real estate business in Florida, especially for buyers looking to capitalize on the ever-expanding Miami market. The new website will showcase real-time market trends and statistics from the real estate market, catering to a new crop of clients, who are driven by information and data delivered in real-time that is compatible with mobile devices.

A solution of this nature has been long awaited for by many new and old home and real estate buyers targeting Miami Waterfront Homes , (the company website) and its rich portfolio of property. Additionally, the company believes that they are solving an age old problem of the lack of reliable and timely information for those in the Florida housing and properties market.

With years of experience in the Miami real estate market we felt there was a need to create a site that points out potent indicators that can help buyers catch property trends before they develop into great opportunities. The idea behind the new website is to hasten the decision making process by hinging it on better access to vital statistics and market information so that buyers don’t miss new opportunities, and to help home owners to release their properties at the best market prices for sale.

To achieve this, the company is tapping into its vast networks in Florida so that a more coherent picture in terms of statistics and data are available to its clients in the market. With tips and information that is uploaded in real time, buyers or sellers will not miss another buying or selling opportunity.

Real time estate data can alter the way real estate professionals offer their services or how financial experts provide financial packages, such as mortgages. As a result real estate buyers, armed with the right information can benefit from the industry even more. Fiorentino First aims to make it easy for real estate consumers to get the right answers to their questions concerning the situation of the real estate market.

The statistics and tables available on the new website are easy to read and will provide a reliable place to start the search for the rightly priced properties, all made easy with intuitive search tools that can be used by real estate novices. Some of the housing market metrics point to the percentage of properties on the market that have price reductions, the days on the market, the amount of price reductions and other relevant data points for reference updated in real time.

Various listing tools can be used for determining pricing, and tracking real estate supply geo-locally.

The company's new offering also promises to be a hot bed of real estate leads online allowing buyers to identify the most suitable properties for purchase, while the personal accounts feature will allow for a tailor made webpage so that clients who register can create their own market analysis based on the segment of the market that best suits them. In addition, by signing up to receive newsletters and alerts in their emails, clients and realtors will receive daily market reports that summarize the direction of the market for a chosen period of time, so that clients don’t miss the action whether they are on their computers or away.

Market recommendations will also be sent daily, forming a reliable source of automatically created leads that buyers and sellers alike can follow up for successful negotiation and closing. Users can position themselves based on new emerging trends so that they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the sale of real estate that is in high demand.

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