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Florida Residents Could Be Getting Ripped off on Florida Auto Insurance


Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- The people of Florida could be getting ripped off on Florida auto insurance. Florida like other states uses credit as a rating criteria for determining Florida auto insurance rates. Read more to see how it affects you..

There are so many factors in determining Florida auto insurance rates that it's difficult to keep track. Getting the best rate takes a little understanding of Florida auto insurance and also takes the use of a good website along with a good agent to help you out! Here is how you could be getting ripped off on your Florida auto insurance.

Has your credit gotten better since you purchased your last auto insurance policy? If so, then your probably getting ripped off! Credit plays a huge factor in determining your Florida auto insurance rates. If you have good credit and you didn't when you started your last auto insurance policy, then you should be able to save money and get better rates! If you don't, have good credit that doesn't mean you can't get good rates, but you will want to shop around and find carriers that don't use credit as such a huge factor.

If you had bad credit at the time that you purchased your last Florida auto insurance policy, but now you don't, then you could be getting ripped off. Most insurance companies don't update the insurance score very often. Usually they do this every 2 years, meaning you could be paying way more money then you have to. If you don't like getting ripped off, then you should take advantage of sites like we recommend below and get online quotes every 6 months.

Did you know that even increasing your insurance/credit score by a few points could save you hundreds? It can if you are right on the tipping point to the next level up. It's very important to stay up on this stuff! Call you agent today and also get some online quotes in order to get the best Florida auto insurance rates! It can't hurt you and if your like most people you have more time then money, so get to it!

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