Florida Title Company Rand Title Insurance Has New Location

Rand Title is a Florida Title Company that offers title and escrow services to residential and commercial buyers in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Rand Title, a Florida Title Company, has decided to relocate to a more convenient location in Orlando Florida that will help them better serve their clients with their title and loan services. Rand Title is one of the most trusted statewide title insurance companies that offer services that include escrow, mortgage, policy underwriting, credit reporting, and property rights protection. Rand Title has been thriving in the Florida real estate community for many years and with this move, the company hopes to grow their already strong base of buyers, borrowers, and banking and loan companies.

The Florida housing market has been growing over the year or so at about a 12% rate, which while some real estate experts predict will taper off over the coming years, housing sales are still expected to increase. The lower mortgage rates that have followed this trend make this an ideal time to consider purchasing a home, and along with purchasing a home, it is essential that buyers protect their property against claims that another party could make against them. Rand Title has worked with both buyers, sellers, and lending agencies alike to protect all parties from lawsuits and liabilities that have often arisen from transactions.

Rand Title has worked with banks and lending trees to make sure their loan application paperwork is formulated in accordance with regulations, and that all fees and interest payments are collected promptly. Because lending funds to individuals and companies can be a complex process and could involve many different legal issues when being conducted. Rand Title has served as a go-between party for the transfer of funds and validating collateral received by banks and loan agencies. That way lending agencies will not risk litigation fees, false entitlement claims, and all documents will have been examined.

The Orlando Title Insurance Company has always been up to date with state and federal laws concerning property and tax exempt transactions, and their team of attorneys fully understands all the legal ramifications of sales. Housing and urban development laws have placed more restrictions on real estate purchases including a recent law that states that real estate agencies cannot receive compensations from marketing by home warranty companies to the consumers. Rand title's teams of lawyers have protected buyers and sellers from making closings that were not compliant with HUD regulations.

About Rand Title
Rand Title is partnered with the Old Republic Title Insurance Group and The Fund. The company while locally owned and based in Orlando, has grown to having branches in all of Florida's major cities including Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Miami, and Tampa Bay and also includes Lake Mary, Windermere, Winter Park, Bay Hill, and includes 20 counties.