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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- FloridaCarInsuranceRate.com is now providing free quotes for auto, motorcycle, life, business, home owners, FR-44 and DUI insurance. The website dedicated in servicing Florida residents is a branch of Incorporated Insurance Services, an established insurance organization known for offering highly competitive insurance rates for past 15 years. Interested individuals can now avail instant quotes for required insurance through application of a simple online form.

The core concept of aggregation by Incorporated Insurance Services is also applied to FloridaCarInsuranceRate.com, where multiple insurance scheme options are made available to the clients. In case the individuals are confused and do not know which scheme is best suitable as per their requirements, the company simplifies the selection procedure and helps their clients establish a custom plan step-by-step. The aggregation foundation of the company along with the exceptional customer support has made them succeed for past 15 years in the insurance industry and has now enabled them to be titled as a leading insurance organization.

The website was launched to display the capabilities of Incorporated Insurance Services by providing free quotes to interested individuals living in Florida. The quotes are readily available and people can shop for local rates here. Rates for all insurance services offered by the company are available and are shown according to zip codes.

The website other than elaborating on the offered services and providing quotes, also acts as a valuable information resource. The articles published on the website help the general public understand the types of coverage coupled with the insurance scheme. For example one of their main articles elaborates on the main types of auto insurance coverage – comprehensive, collision, liability and uninsured driver coverage. The article clearly distinguishes between these coverage in layman terms yet with addition of professional advice. Many such articles are available on the site to help individuals gain further knowledge regarding insurance.

About FloridaCarInsuranceRate.com
FloridaCarInsuranceRate.com is one of the leading websites that offers auto, motorcycle, life, business, home owners and Florida DUI insurance. The parent company of the website is Incorporated Insurance Services, a premier insurance organization which has been offering its services for over 15 years throughout the U.S. The website is concentrated in servicing the residents of Florida and offers the best rates for any insurance requirement. Through the online platform, http://www.floridacarinsurancerate.com/, interested individuals can avail free quotes via simple online application form. Incorporated Insurance Services is known for its exceptional customer support and for aggregating various premium insurance providers under one roof.

For more information about Auto Insurance in Florida, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of floridacarinsurancerate.com, please call at 877-210-9514 or email to info@iisinsurance.com.