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Floridadrunkdriversdefense.com Launches New Website That Offers in-Depth Information About DUIs


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- Floridadrunkdriversdefense.com, a website that offers readers a vast amount of articles that are all related to DUI in the state of Florida, has just launched its brand new site. The easy-to-navigate website is a helpful resource to anyone who has been arrested for a DUI in Florida, or knows someone who has and is looking for information.

As it explains on http://www.floridadrunkdriversdefense.com, in Florida—just like the other 49 states—driving under the influence is based on blood alcohol concentration (BAC). It is considered a crime to have a BAC of more than 0.08. Depending on the person, this may occur after having as little as two glasses of wine with a meal.

As it notes on http://www.floridadrunkdriversdefense.com, a person who is arrested for DUI will have his or her driver’s license suspended. This is one key reason why hiring an attorney in Florida who is an expert on DUI cases is so important; an experienced lawyer can often speed up the process, and may even be able to help his or her clients get a restricted or provisional license so they can still drive.

“Florida DUI laws can be very complicated. Just because you were arrested for drunk driving, it does not mean you were guilty, even if you failed a field sobriety test,” an article on the new Florida Drunk Drivers Defense website explained, adding that pressure from state legislators and the threat of loss of federal highway funds have lead to very aggressive arrest policies and prosecutions for DUI.

Despite this, the article noted, not every arrest for drunk driving is justified. This underscores the need to hire a skilled DUI attorney who knows Florida DUI laws inside and out and can skillfully challenge every bit of evidence.

Anybody who is interested in learning more about Floridadrunkdriversdefense.com may visit the new site at any time; there, they can read articles that focus on winning a DUI case, what to do when charged with a felony DUI, and the cost of a DUI conviction. Those who wish to speak with a Florida DUI attorney may call the number that is listed on the home page of the website.

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Drunk driving. That is the most simple and succinct way to put it. DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, laws vary from state to state. The infraction of drunk driving even goes by several other names, DWI – Driving While Impaired, OUI – Operating Under the Influence, or any number of others. Bottom line? No matter what it is called, people can face serious consequences, heavy fines, loss of their driver’s license, public humiliation, and even jail time. The importance of hiring a qualified DUI attorney who can mount a proper drunk-driving defense cannot be overstated. The decision to get into a car and drive after having a few drinks was a bad one, going to court without a skilled Florida drunk driving defense lawyer, could be a worse one. For more information, please visit http://www.floridadrunkdriversdefense.com