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Florida's Own Hog Spa and Smoke House Has Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to Help Introduce Hog Spa and Smoke House Spices to the World


Fort Myers, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2016 -- Barbecue is up there among America's great food contributions to the world. The barbecue industry has reached the billion dollar level, with most every home containing some type of grill. Consumers purchase sauce for their barbecues and, most recently, thirty-three percent of consumers indicated that they use dry rubs of some kind on their meats. This is an industry that is prime for sales and catering, something that the founder of Hog Spa and Smoke House knows a little something about.

"I have been grilling, barbecuing, and catering events for family and friends for the last few years," says Doug Hutchins "My ribs and sauces got so popular, we decided to take our recipes and finally do something with it. We have a food vendor truck we're currently renovating and are hoping that with people's help we can get it on the road in time for spring and summer barbecue season." Despite our popularity with catered events, we actually still do a number of sponsored events for Non Profit Groups out of our own pockets.

Hog Spa and Smoke House hopes to hit farmer's markets and local events by summer. They are asking for funding to get the vendor truck up to local health codes. As Kickstarter rewards, Hog Spa and Smoke House is offering is dry rubs to get people motivated. The rubs included have been the company's most popular.

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Doug Hutchins
Hog Spa and Smoke House BBQ
N. Fort Myers, FL 33917